Workplace Pensions - Auto-enrolment

The following lists provide some initial guidance:-


   * Speak to us early i.e. more that 6 months before your Staging Date

   * Involve colleagues from HR, Payroll, and Finance

   * Register your scheme with the Pensions Regulator no later than 4 months after your       Staging Date

   * Communicate with your employees at the required dates


   * Assume that your existing pension scheme is a qualifying scheme - get it checked

   * Underestimate how much work is necessary to meet the requirements

   * Leave it too late, otherwise you may incur financial penalties up to £5,000 per day

   * Panic

You can look up your Staging Date here :



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What We Can Offer:

   *  A low cost way of simplifying employer obligations under the new auto-enrolment requirements. It is web based        and will enable you to meet ongoing compliance requirements.

   *  An initial discussion to establish the steps your firm needs to take to achieve compliance with the new Auto-        enrolment legislation

   *  Full pension market analysis and recommendation report which will include review of any existing pension        schemes

   *  Preparation of an employee communications strategy to comply with the Regulator's rules, including workplace        presentations to groups of employees, and individual advice if required

   *  A system that will handle all the compliance requirements; especially useful if you choose NEST (National        Employment Savings Trust) or The People's Pension schemes

Subsequently, we offer regular reviews of your pension arrangement based on an agreed annual fee.

Typically our fees range from a few hundred pounds for initial advice, through to £2,000 (exc VAT) to cover full research and recommendations. The compliance system is priced on the basis of an amount per month per employee and this can often save you money.

As Independent Financial Advisers we research the whole of the market and consider all pension providers, including NEST, so that you have the most suitable arrangement for your business.

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